Graduation From a Line...
Master Your Graduation
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You're Gonna Learn
Learn how to cut the perfect graduation from a line 
Create A Character
How to Create a character for fashion, tv, film or in your chair
Personal Branding
How to market yourself in a salon environment or as a freelance hairdresser
" I've had the honour of being able to work, shadow and trained by Darren in my past, back in Italy when he trained Lóréal Professionnel Italy ambassadors team. All I can say is, inspiration isn't enough to describe Darren. The way he gets the class engaged and inspired stylist is beyond amazing. You leave one of his Online Classes with your cup full. His style of teaching is humble and you can tell the passion he has for the industry. "
-Anna Cecchi Smith
L'Oréal Professionnel USA Artist
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